History of the research

The origins of research at “Sutny” are connected with activities of the archaeological team from the then Chair of Prehistory and Ethnography at the Faculty of Arts of Brno University, conducted in the region around Znojmo. In the course of a rescue research into Bronze Age and Hallstatt Age monuments in Těšetice na “Vinohradech”, in 1956 the members of the team carried out field survey and surface collecting after ploughing in wider surroundings. So the locality called “Sutny” was discovered, but the conditions were not yet suitable for an archaeological research. It was not until summer of 1964 that Vladimír Podborský opened here the first large-scale excavations, which yielded plenty of finds, especially those from the Late Neolithic period. This promising beginning was then followed by regular systematic excavations carried out since 1967 to this day. For details on the origins of research see the paper Podborský 2007.

Parallel to ongoing excavations at “Sutny”, a monitoring research started at the fortified hilltop locality “Starý Zámek” near Suchohrdly in 2007. Magnetometric survey conducted in accessible parts of the locality captured the course of the defensive wall, settlement features and other structures. The still inaccessible parts of the locality were surveyed with the help of a metal detector.