Chamber tomb with burial of an armed man

H27 - dokumentace kosterních pozůstatků (Foto: Archiv ÚAM)

The 2010-2012 archaeological excavations in “Sutny” II verified a specific find context which was detected previously by magnetometric survey (Milo – Kazdová 2008). The multidisciplinary research, preceded by shovel tests, examined a spacious chamber tomb encircled by a perimeter trench, belonging to the Bell Beaker Culture. The tomb contained poorly preserved skeletal remains of an about fifty-year-old man in left-sided contracted position. The man was equipped with archer’s utensils of that time, i.e. with stone wrist-guards and six flint arrowheads. His funerary equipment also contained a copper dagger and decorated pottery – six beakers in total, some of them with preserved white encrustation. The buried individual was adorned with two golden spirals.

H27 - unikátní nález měděné dýky (Foto: M. Hlavica)The excavation results document the existence of a narrow class of high-ranked and socially recognised men, who were connected with distribution and knowledge of early metallurgical technology.


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