Personal data

Basic data on leading researchers and crucial members of the Těšetice research team:

Vladimír Podborský (Foto: Archiv E. Kazdové)

Prof. PhDr. Vladimír Podborský, DrSc. – founder and site director in 1964, 1967-1985. He and his closest co-workers have built up the scientific and research base at the locality. He is author of many publications and founder of the so-called roundel archaeology. For more details see the anniversary articles, e.g. in the collected volume K poctě Vladimíru Podborskému, Brno 2004, 13-23, with bibliography on pp. 25-34; most recently also SAB 18, 2013-1, 5-9.

 M. Bálek (vpravo) se studenty letecké archeologie (Foto: Archiv E. Kazdové)

Ing. Miroslav Bálek – he came to Těšetice in 1968 as a temporary worker. After a two-year service in the army he returned to the site as an assistant technician. He worked here until 1981 when he went to the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno. For more details see the obituary with bibliography in Pravěk Nová řada 13, 2003, 3-9.

Eliška Kazdová (Foto: Archiv ÚAM)

Doc. PhDr. Eliška Kazdová, CSc. – since 1968 she worked at the locality as a student within her practical training, then she became member of the team and was entrusted with elaboration of a system of decorative elements in the Moravian Painted Ware. In 1985-1998 she was deputy to site director P. Koštuřík. For more details see the anniversary biography with literature in the journal SAB M 14-15, 2009-2010, 5-16.

Pavel Koštuřík (vlevo) s Gerhardem Trnkou (Foto: Archiv E. Kazdové)

Doc. PhDr. Pavel Koštuřík, CSc. – a long-time member of the team, site director in 1985-1998. For more details see the obituary with bibliography in SPFFBU M 4, 1999, 9-11.

Jaromír Kovárník (Foto: Archiv E. Kazdové)

Doc. PhDr. Jaromír Kovárník, CSc. – he already took part in the excavations as an archaeology student; he collaborated in several experiments (replicas of a house and a pottery kiln) realised at “Sutny” site. After the death of P. Koštuřík he was site director in 1999-2002.

Zdeněk Weber (vlevo) měří rondel za pomoci indukčního magnetometru (Foto: Archiv E. Kazdové)

Doc. RNDr. Zdeněk Weber, CSc.

at the beginning he was a co-worker of V. Podborský, especially during verification of the course of the ditched enclosure with the help of an induction magnetometer. In the 1970s to 1990s he was member of the research team – he shifted the focus of scientific work to exact methods. He is co-author of the publication Numerický kód MMK (Numerical Code of Moravian Painted Ware) and author of papers dedicated to palaeoastronomy. For more details see the obituary with selective bibliography in the journal SAB M 14-15, 2009-2010, 283-285.

Other site directors and student supervisors in individual runs of practical training: Inna Mateiciucová (2003-2005) Klára Šabatová (2003-2012), Martin Kuča (2008-2013), František Trampota (2010-2011), Zdeněk Hájek (2011-2013), Richard Bíško (2014), Jaroslav Bartík (2015).