Where you can find us

The site is located in the Znojmo Hills region on a loess terrace on the left bank of the Únanovka stream, on fertile soil at the edge of the Tvořihrázský wood. It is situated on a gentle slope exposed to the south-east at an elevation of 265-290 m, in the cadastral area of the municipality of Kyjovice at the “Sutny” location. Although the site belongs to the Kyjovice cadastral area, it is intensively linked by contacts and roads with the municipality of Těšetice. As a result it is mainly presented under the original name – Těšetice-Kyjovice – in the archaeological literature.

Transport, access to the site

From Brno, take the road in the direction to Znojmo. Before you reach the end of Lechovice turn right, via Práče to Bantice, on the nearest crossroads turn left to Těšetice. From the village continue in the direction towards the dam of the water reservoir, from there down a dirt road to the edge of the Tvořihrázský wood with the enclosed precinct of the Scientific Research Base of the Institute of Archaeology and Museology at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University.

From Znojmo, take the road in the direction to Tvořihráz, beyond the municipality of Únanov at the edge of the wood take the tarmac approach road on the right-hand side which changes into a narrow road through the wood. This can be driven on with a car as far as the precinct of the Scientific Research Base with a permit by the Forest Administration. Unfortunately, access along this way can be complicated as the permit is no longer issued by the Forest Administration, but by the new owner – the Order of the Dominicans.